Bill O'Reilly's Ludicrous Claim to Hold Liberal Positions

Bill O'Reilly repeatedly claims that he's "not a conservative" and "doesn't push a conservative agenda." As evidence of his not being a conservative, he cites as his "liberal" views that he is pro-environment, pro-choice and anti-death penalty.

Other than his bald claim, you would never know those things from his TV program, since virtually every segment relating to those issues -- and they are few and far between -- involves O'Reilly criticizing one or more pro-environmental, pro-choice and/or anti-death penalty groups for their tactics or positions on a specific controversy. 

There has rarely, if ever been a segment where he advocated a pro-environmental, pro-choice or anti-death penalty position. He once stated that even though he's against the death penalty, he hoped a certain criminal would get sentenced to death! This is quite a statement from someone who touts his anti-death penalty views as evidence that he is not a conservative. 

O'Reilly has, as far as I can recall in the past three years, had no segments where one of the innocents sentenced to death and then freed has been a guest.

In stark contrast to his virtually total lack of advocacy of his "liberal" views, is O'Reilly's constant drumbeat from the opposite end of the political spectrum. Who else but an extreme right-winger would day-in and day-out attack Hillary Clinton, the ACLU and "secularists"? How far to the right do you have to be to label the New York Times a "far left" publication, Hillary Clinton "the most dangerous woman in America," and the ACLU a "fascist organization"?!

O'Reilly's claim that he's not a conservative is the one of the foundational spins of his Only-I-Can-Spin-Zone.


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